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The Healthstar App is a one stop shop for your medical, health, and fitness needs. 

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The only health app you'll need.

It’s convenient - see your doctor anytime from anywhere.  When you get sick you'll be guaranteed an appointment within 24 hours. Can't find a primary care doctor or get in to see the one you have? Try Healthstar!

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It’s affordable - no health insurance required. We’ve leveraged the power of technology to make access to healthcare affordable for everyone.

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Prevention focused - get expert advice from our team of physicians on how to get fit, achieve optimal health, and prevent disease.

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Access top doctors on demand when sick or injured

Use the Healthstar Virtual Clinic to access top doctors trained at places like Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA. See a doctor from the comfort of your own home, have prescriptions sent electronically to your pharmacy, and get radiology tests when needed.

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Annual wellness visits and lab testing included

Get access to the same lab and diagnostic testing typically done during an annual physical - all without the hassle of having to see a doctor in person.  All paid Healthstar Plans include annual testing services. 

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Get back in shape with personalized fitness plans

Get personalized fitness plans based on your unique biology. Using your latest lab results our team of expert physicians will provide you with personalized recommendations to get you back in shape and help you achieve optimal fitness levels.  

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Get personalized health and fitness recommendations based on your test results. 

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"This is the Future of Medicine!"

— A. Rodgers (Healthstar customer in Los Angeles)


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