Healthstar Fitness


Built by expert physicians, the Healthstar app provides fitness, nutrition, and exercise recommendations based on your laboratory and biometric testing results.  More than a wellness program, Healthstar Fitness is a Precision Health platform that allows consumers to proactively prevent disease and achieve optimal health based on their unique biology. 

Personalized recommendations are built using the most up to date evidence in clinical preventive medicine.


Personalized Fitness Plans

Get Back In Shape With Ultra-personalized Fitness Tips and Recommendations

Achieve Optimal Health

Reach Fitness Goals Faster

How it works

  1. Schedule your Wellness Visit with your Healthstar Doctor.
  2. Undergo Lab testing.
  3. Start receiving personalized fitness recommendations based on your lab results. 



Choose from Three Fitness Goal Types

  • LOSE WEIGHT:  improve your body mass index.
  • GET LEAN:   improve your body fat percentage.
  • BULK UP:   add lean muscle mass.

Nutrition and Exercise Tips

  • Weekly Nutrition Plan and Tips (Personalized by lab and biometric data)
  • Weekly Exercise Plan and Tips (Personalized by lab and biometric data)

Community Support

  • Invite Friends
  • Access to the Healthstar Fund, which uses health goal crowdfunding. 

Sign up for the Healthstar App to begin your personalized fitness plan.  

(Available only in California. Other states coming soon)