Healthstar Fitness

Get in shape faster with physician guidance and an ultra-personalized fitness program

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or achieve optimal health, the Healthstar Fitness program helps you achieve your goals quickly and safely under physician guidance.

Enjoy a 7-day free trial of Healthstar Fitness.

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Healthstar is a physician-directed weight loss, nutrition, and exercise program created by Harvard Doctors and the only Precision Health program available directly to consumers. 

Using a Biomarker-Driven approach to fitness, our team of world-class physicians, nutritionists, and personal trainers provides custom fitness programs tailored to your unique biology.

More than a fitness or wellness program, Healthstar works to proactively prevent disease before it strikes.

See how Healthstar stacks up to the Competition. It’s not even close!

Healthstar Benefits

  • Understand your unique biology so that you can reach fitness and weight loss goals faster. You will understand what your biometric and biomarker test results mean and how best to optimize all of them

  • Take advantage of the most up-to-date scientific evidence in preventive medicine and weight loss management.

  • Proactively prevent disease by optimizing all your major health risk factors to live a disease-free life

  • Reduce your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases

  • Build a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits for sleep, stress management, mindfulness, training, and recovery

  • Maintain an optimal physical fitness level so that you can continue to be active and do the things you love even when you get older

Healthstar Includes

  • Biometric and Biomarker testing included with all Healthstar plans.  Get screened for all major health risk factors including Prediabetes, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and more. 

  • Access to our large library of proprietary content with over 1,000 custom workouts and nutrition plans, including workout and how-to videos

  • Custom nutrition and exercise plans delivered weekly

  • Regular check-ins with Healthstar physicians and health coaches

  • 6 Week Results-Focused Programs (10-12 pound fat loss or 5 pounds muscle mass gain)

  • Medically supervised weight loss program to safely lose weight under a doctor's supervision in a healthy and sustainable way for long-term results

  • Challenging programs for everyone and every level, from 100% sedentary to elite and professional athletes

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DIET Preferences?

Do you have a specific dietary preference? No Problem! Healthstar custom tailors your nutrition program to your dietary preferences.

✔️Keto Diet





✔️Mediterranean Diet

✔️DASH Diet


✔️Intermittent Fasting

✔️Many More… just let us know about your specific preference.

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EXERCISE Preferences?

We go that covered too! Healthstar will custom tailor your fitness program to your exercise preferences to help you meet specific workout goals.

✔️At-Home (Home-based exercise program)


✔️Road Warrior (Frequent Business Travel)

✔️Body Weight Program

✔️Fitbit and Activity Tracking Program

✔️Group Classes (SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Theory, F45, ClassPass, Local Gym Classes)

✔️High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)




✔️Strength Training and Conditioning

✔️Military Physical Fitness Testing

✔️Spartan Races / OCRs

✔️Running (5K, 10K, Marathon)



✔️Hiking / Outdoor Only Activities


How it works

  1. Sign up, create a free Healthstar account (takes less than 60 seconds), and start your 72 hour food log for analysis.

  2. Upload any recent biomarker or lab test results to receive a detailed health report and a custom Biomarker-driven fitness plan (If you don’t have recent test results to upload you can undergo Healthstar provided testing - results typically available within 48 hours).

  3. Start receiving your personalized fitness program with custom workout and nutrition plans based on any recent biomarker test results.

Enjoy a 7-day free trial of Healthstar Fitness. No payment method or credit card required for 7-day free trial. Free trial includes 72 hour food log nutrition analysis of your current diet, as well as short term weight loss and fitness goal recommendations.


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