We're on a mission to make world-class healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. 



After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Sean Penwell moved to Los Angeles where he began emergency medicine training at UCLA. In the ER he saw firsthand the incredible suffering caused by diseases that could have been prevented. He realized that patients needed a better way to manage their own health. So he set out to build an easier, more affordable way for people to access, interpret, and use their personal health data to achieve optimal health. Healthstar was founded on the idea that, by democratizing the tools of medicine, everyone could have access to convenient and affordable healthcare services.



We believe people will unleash their creative genius to proactively prevent disease when they are equipped with the right data and the right tools to manage their own health. Passionate about the customer experience we're changing the way people are getting healthy by offering a convenient, affordable, and innovative digital health solution that’s accessible from any internet connected device. We are building the tools for a new Precision Health Experience!

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